Victoria Roden | 22 | FC: Lily Collins | law student/cashier

Victoria Roden was born and raised in Rochester, New York, to a middle-class Christian family. Mostly she had an unruffled childhood, with married parents and a younger sister. She was a good student and well liked amongst her peers, but that’s because she kept her mouth shut and just smiled and nodded. She had a few boyfriends but she was never one too affectionate and she disputed too much, that way they only lasted a few weeks. One told her that she should join the debate team as a joke, but with the ability she has of taking things too seriously she did, opposing to her parent’s wishes. They wanted to raise two feminine and delicate young women, in other words they wanted her to try for an art or cheerleading—even chess. Noticing how competent she was when it came to controlled arguments, her parents allowed her to stay, and  when she graduated her teacher suggested her to become a lawyer.           

 Her plan was to study where she was born and live there forever, however her parents were enduring difficult times when her dad cheated and her mother began criticizing her decision of having the same career as her father, implying she was being manipulated into the family business and that she would end up just like him. Her father on the other side wished for his daughter to have a more “womanly” job, and that the world of law was too harsh on her thin skin. And so she started studying to become a nurse, but she couldn’t tolerate blood and births, because unlike her classmates, she didn’t find them “interesting” or “beautiful.” Victoria, who had lived a great life was enduring critics from her teachers of not being good enough, or passionate enough, and the constant arguing of her parents, who vanished the idea of divorcing. She began smoking when she was fifteen, but it was when this problem rose that it got worse. She smoked a full box in a day to calm the anxiety brought with never being sufficient, and as her one and only act of rebelliousness she decided to move to New York City and pursue her dream, to leave her house for good into a city where she could be what she had longed. Obviously she didn’t run away, being the nice daughter she is, she argued with her parents and agreed to move with her aunt so they could still keep a close eye on her.

 Now she is currently in her last year of Law School and still lives with her aunt in Brooklyn. She has a part time job as a cashier at a computer store to save money and get herself her own apartment, but she is aware she needs a better job, but that will come when she finally graduates. Her anxiety has gotten worse, now putting up with a single and almost misandrist aunt and still the pressure of if she doesn’t do well in law, she will consider herself a failure, but with a few more cigarettes she can actually pull herself together, plus it makes her eat less. She likes this city better than her own, it is bigger, brighter and here there’s no one who can stop her in becoming a successful lawyer who exudes confidence, wins every case and has many lawyer friends who are also as great, or perhaps she should have not been allowed to watch Legally Blonde. 

Victoria is played by Gaby in UTC.

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hey, mr. argent.

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Design Your Character’s Apartment!



x You get to pick a pre-made layout, and then put furniture in it. It’s actually pretty cool.

Click on the “floor plans” tab to choose one.

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1820s-1830s Medicine Resources


I’ve collected a bunch of old books and articles, all in English, freely available online and published around 1832.

Articles and short books:


"Family Physician" books (massive books)

If there is anything you’d like help researching, please don’t hesitate to request it?

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Floricienta 2da Temporada/ Capitulo 13

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Finally I’ve got it!!  (ノ´▽`)ノ♪

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it’s 2020

the summer olympics in japan

eventually they get to the swimming segment

and that’s when you hear it

make us free na splash kasaneta

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